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Published by Hannah on 22 Aug 2014

Fierce Fridays with Restyle: Top Fall 2014 Trend- Pastels

Staci Chembars

Despite the remorse of summers end, a fresh new fall season begins! The start of fall transitioning is in full swing. This year one of the most surprising fall fashion trends to follow is incorporating pastels into a typically earth-toned color pallet. We think of pastels as spring time colors, however, adorning yourself in a perfectly pastel outfit this fall is a refreshing revolution! Pair little touches and hints of pastel to a seemingly usual fall outfit for an on trend look. Or for the more daring, pair multiple pastels together to create an outfit that packs the pastel punch!


Published by Hannah on 15 Aug 2014

Fierce Fridays with Restyle: Fall Transition

Staci Chembars

With the recent cool down, its hard not to think of the upcoming fall season. When the air becomes chilly, a new fall wardrobe is needed. With a few key pieces incorporated in your current wardrobe, a fabulous fall transitional outfit is created!

Fall Bag

For the fall season, choose a bag that is of deep and warm tones. The rustic and earthy vibe given from a chestnut colored bag will be perfectly autumnal.


B Makowsky Leather Handbag, $140.00


A scarf can be your best friend during those brisk nights. The extra warmth will provide both function and fashion.


Floral Scarf $26.50

Closed Toe Shoes

Try pairing your closed toe footwear with patterned tights for a look that is cute and quirky!


Banana Republic, $28.50, Size 7.5

Cozy Sweater

An oversized sweater is the perfect touch to add to your outfit to make it fall transitional. Complete the carefree look with long necklaces to add the perfect touch.


Lapis, $29.50, Size Large

Published by Hannah on 08 Aug 2014

Fierce Fridays with Restyle: Back to School- Part II

Staci Chembars

Sensible yet fashionable footwear is a must when it comes to back to school. While most would rather not wear heels all day while walking to and fro classes, flat but trendy shoes are a golden option.


Published by Hannah on 01 Aug 2014

Fierce Fridays with Restyle: Dazzling Gift Ideas

Staci Chembars

National Girlfriends Day, National Friendship Day, and National Sisters Day; August is the perfect time to treat the special women in your life with a lovely gift to express your love and endearment.


Bracelet- $36.50


Vintage Whiting and Davis Wallet/Coin Purse- $50.00 set


Rose Gold Bracelets- $29.50-$36.50


Purple Gucci Sunglasses- $50.00


Fendi Handbag- $175.00


Vintage Sequined Purse- $19.50

Published by Hannah on 25 Jul 2014

Fierce Fridays with Restyle: Back to School-Part I

Staci Chembars

In just a mere month students of all ages will once again grace the hallways and campuses of schools nation wide. One of the most important items to shop for is a functional and fashionable bag for your student to use to tote textbooks around. Let Restyle be your back to school headquarters, with dozens of brand new designer bags at discounted prices, it’s shopping that pleases everyone!


Vera Bradley Backpack- $45.50


Michael Kors Printed Canvas Tote- $185.00


Michael Kors Patent Leather Tote- $95.00

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